The Show

Science genius Dr. Frigoli and his new assistant, Fernden, vlog their way through mostly impossible and generally stupid experiments, all in an effort to climb the power rankings of famed scientists. 

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Each episode sees the duo taking on a new wild, crazy, and scientifically impossible challenge. 

Like time travel,


or asexual reproduction.

Things never go as planned, and that pseudo celeb scientist piece of shit Dr. Chunt is always one position ahead of them in the power rankings.

It's infuriating. 

Will Frigoli finally get the recognition they deserve and beat Dr. Chunt? Will Fernden become a famed scientist of their own? Will they — for the love of Gorb — stop saying bomb dot com all the time?

Scroll the page, dear reader, to find out. 


Welcome to “We’ll Solve It”, the Fug Tube show starring the fourth ranked scientist, Dr. Frigoli, and their new assistant, Fernden. Each episode, they take a request from their dozens of fans (and growing) to solve some big scientific enigma. Time travel? They’ll probably figure it out. Turning imaginary characters into real beings? Sure, why not. Auto erotic pooping? Well, they tried that and that’s how Herp, Frigoli’s last assistant, died tragically. So let’s not go there. 

Whatever it is, Frigoli and Fernden always have their work cut out for them. Solving big scientific mysteries requires ingenuity, inventiveness, and all kinds of technology, all of which they use to reach big breakthroughs. They also have competition. Being the fourth ranked scientist means there are three people that Frigoli is hellbent on besting. But perhaps there’s no one they want to overtake more than Dr. Chunt, the number three ranked scientist constantly antagonizing Dr. Frigoli and attempting to poach Fernden. It’s so Gorbdamn annoying. 

Each episode culminates in an experiment where the duo actually succeeds, but due to their general messiness there’s always a glitch, a setback, or an unintended consequence that foils any moment of triumph. As the show wears on, Fernden becomes more and more indispensable, and Dr. Frigoli gradually realizes that only together can they rise in the scientist power rankings, a ranking system that is published weekly on a carton of Gloo (it’s like milk) that most people don’t pay attention to.

The Power Rankings

Show Vitals

Genre: Adult animated comedy

The Format: Half hour episodic 

“We’ll Solve it” is a combination of the adventurous whimsy of “Rick and Morty”, the crudeness of “Ren & Stimpy”, and the aluminum taste of a lukewarm PBR (you still drink it, but it’s weird).

Set in Fertdale, a college town in the Fug world. It’s a place that is pretty much like our world, just shittier (if you can believe that). Frigoli and his inventions take him all over the land, even into other dimensions.

Adventurous. Their experiments always send them on an epic journey.Imaginative. These adventures are fantastical, multiverse crossing, and always invent something new and wild.Critical. Beneath the adventures and imagination are all the complaints we have about the real world, rolled into a fictional universe. 

Our Characters

Dr. Frigoli

Probably Actually Smart


Anime Pillow Loving Sidekick

Dr. Chunt

Smart Piece of Shit


The Old (dead) Sidekick

Dr. Frigoli

Dr. Frigoli is a science genius, bitter and grumpy over not being recognized for his inventions. They’ve had patents stolen, ideas cribbed, and has always lost out to others willing to steal, cheat, or copy their way to the top of the scientist power rankings. But not anymore! Dr. Frigoli is deciding that if they vlog about their experiments everyone will know their true greatness. They are determined, have a chip on their shoulder, and is getting a little sloppy with their experiments in their middle-aged years.

They’re not perfect — and they’re sometimes an annoying crank — but Frigoli is our hero, for better or worse. And over time we see them soften thanks to the slowly building success of the vlog and their relationship with Fernden.

Human Analogs: Bruce Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Diane Keaton


Fernden is young, ambitious, and willing to raise their hand for pretty much anything. So it’s no surprise that they agreed to be Dr. Frigoli’s lab assistant even after the previous one died in an auto-erotic pooping experiment gone wrong. Fernden seems like a stellar pupil most of the time but also has some strange quirks that emerge from time to time. For instance, Fernden is a closeted metal head who’s into anime pillows and occasionally has aggressive outbursts. This makes Fernden unpredictable about 10% of the time.

Human Analogs: Jack McBreyer, Abby Jacobson, Jemaine Clement

Dr. Chunt

Fuck this idiot. We don’t even want to talk about them. As the number three scientist Dr. Chunt is easily the villain of the show, and quick to flaunt it. They’re constantly showing off, negging Frigoli, and seducing Fernden to join their team. Dr. Chunt has a team of Chunts, minions who grunt along and do the scientist’s bidding like indentured servants. No thanks.

Human Analogs: Bowen Yang, Ken Jeong, John Early


Died in an experiment gone horribly wrong. RIP, Herp. Herp’s desk is perfectly intact. Shows up via pre-recorded experiments and tapes.

Human Analog: Mama Cass Elliott


Dr. Frigoli’s cat who sometimes gets caught up in experiments. Often the smartest Fug in the room.

And plenty more characters as stories unfold…

It all takes place in Fertdale. 

A fictional town that is a cross between Albuquerque, New Mexico and Eugene, Oregon.


Episode 1: Time Travel

When it turns out that the key ingredient needed to power time travel is pink coal, Fernden and Frigoli take a trip to West Vergina for a dangerous coal mining mission. Along the way, they bump into Dr. Chunt, who is attempting to time travel before them. They eventually beat out Dr. Chunt, find some pink coal. They return to the lab, where Fernden attempts to time travel. It works, but Fernden does something to disturb the time space continuum, causing an army of deranged, blood thirsty figures from the past to infiltrate the lab.

Episode 2: Resurrecting Fictional Figures

Frigoli brings to life Blorn, a character from Fernden’s Manga collection, by attending a manga convention in Jugpan and collecting DNA from the manga’s creator. Blorn is a samurai who believes that Fernden is the man who killed his father, and is vowing to exact revenge. Now, Frigoli and Fernden must send Blorn back to the 2D page where he came from before he kills them!e text inside of a div block.

More Episodes

Episode 3: Religion

There is an ongoing tension between science and religion on the show. The duo attempts to prove or disprove the existence of Gorb, the almighty creator. As the holy text goes, Gorb created poop chutes which act as the key to understanding the universe. The duo finds a way to shrink themselves into a tiny rocket that they use to blast off through the poop chutes. This sends them into other dimensions. The conclusion is that there’s more out there that science doesn’t know, but it maybe Gorb isn’t behind it all.

Episode 4: Hunger

Frigoli and Fernden create an infinite food creation capsule, which quickly scales food supply across the globe. The only variable they didn’t solve for was greed and capitalism, which quickly turns their truly altruistic invention into another form of currency. It’s no longer seen as a food generator, it’s seen as a federal reserve for rich countries who steal up all the food. Their work is still recognized by the voting board and they move up in the rankings.

Even More Episodes

Episode 5: What Happens After Death

To solve this, Fernden remembers an old toy he used to play with as a child — the Predictor — that allows one to see themselves 5 minutes into the future. Fernden believes that this technology can be extended out and tested on someone about to die to see what life is like after death. Fernden retrieves the toy and starts using it, but loses a bit of brain function with each attempt. No wonder it was discontinued years ago. With the help of Dr. Frigoli, the pair hack the toy to see 5 hours into the future and try it out on a sickly old fug on their deathbed. All the gang sees is black. Is it because the technology is faulty or is it because there’s nothing beyond life? Who’s to say.

Episode 6: Teleportation

Our fugs create an equation to enable the moment generator for teleportation. The moment generator is point A which will break down atoms and molecules and will upload them to a receiver in point B, a location across town. But the night before their experiment one of Dr. Chunt’s Chunts sneaks into the lab and tampers with the machine’s algorithm. They try the experiment and successfully teleport Fernden, just to a different dimension where everyone talks in business jargon. There they befriend Dorly, a Senior Director of Level Setting. Back in our universe, Frigoli develops an extraction gun, a harpoon that travels through dimensions to pierce Fernden and bring him home. He shoots it into the moment generator and it sticks into Fernden and Dorly, bringing them both back to our universe. It’s a happy ending, except Fernden is brainwashed from his time in the other universe and says things like “just to piggyback off that” and “strategically off brief”.

So Many Gorb damn Episodes

Episode 7: Manufactured Affection

After their research concludes that love can only be synthesized in individuals under 18 (adult hearts are too jaded), Frigoli and Fernden go undercover at a high school. Fernden is the guidance counselor and Frigoli is the interim dean of students (they cryogenically froze the acting dean). They scheme to get two fugs to fall in love. Along the way Frigoli meets Klarb, an attractive social studies teacher, and the two strike up a romance. Once their mission is complete and two young fugs are in love, Frigoli confesses the truth to Klarb. It breaks her heart and she proclaims that she never can be with him. Klarb becomes an intermittent love interest in future episodes.

Episodes 8-148:

We all get rich because this show is a hit. It’s renewed, it gets syndicated, we all go to ToyFair to launch Fug Buddies, it’s nuts. We start partying a lot. Too much. The partying has gotten out of hand and we need to make a big life change. We do silent retreats to stay grounded.

Episode 149: The End

Well, if you must know:

Fernden graduates from university and gets his own license to practice science.

Dr. Frigoli, now the number two scientist, attempts to invent a machine to learn how one dies. He dies in the making of the machine. That said, the machine did call it.

There’s a teary, emotional funeral scene where Fernden gives a moving eulogy. He puts his diploma in Frigoli’s coffin and everything. 

Fernden returns from burying Dr. Frigoli and enters the lab. At the doorstep is a carton of gloo. He picks it up. The power rankings are updated. After his heroic, life ending experiment, it looks like Dr. Frigoli is...oh shit, he’s still number 4. So much for that posthumous bump.

Yah, but why?

Life is stressful, disappointing, anxiety inducing, and confusing. The world of Fug Fam is a manifestation of all these feelings, a world where there seems to be nothing redeeming at all.

While “We’ll Solve It” is a sometimes cynical look at life, it’s ultimately about fugs who want to solve big problems, who want to make their environment a better place. Do they always get what they deserve? No, not really. But it doesn’t stop them from trying.

Life sucks sometimes, but it’s still worth solving.

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