The Main Characters

Dr. Frigoli

A middle aged science genius who fears his best work is behind him. He’s egotistical, rests on his laurels, and is quick to abdicate the brunt of the work to his assistant. He’s hell bent on being more famous than he is and obsessed with the science rankings.

Herp (Deceased)

Dr. Frigoli's previous assistant. Died while experimenting auto erotic pooping.


A young, bright-eyed Fug who dreams of one day being a science genius. Fernden landed the job as Frigoli’s assistant for two reasons. First because Fernden need practical training in order to graduate from university and second because Frigoli’s last assistant, Herp, died in a science experiment.

Dr. Chunt

They are the number three scientist and quick to flaunt it. Dr. Chunt is constantly showing off, negging Frigoli, and seducing Fernden to join his team. Dr. Chunt has a team of Chunts aka Fugs who grunt along and do the scientist’s bidding like indentured servants.


Dr. Frigoli's cat and often the smartest Fug in the room.

Character Illustrations

Environment Sketches

Dr. Frigoli Environments

Outside of building

Lab layout


Vlog view of lab

Fernden Environments

Aparment building

Apartment layout


The Town of Fertdale

Map of the city

Booths at the Saturday Market